Millerview Belgians started in the late 90’s. Along with myself, my wife Laura and our sons Austin and Adam raise and show Belgians.  We as a family enjoy showing and also raising foals, we like watching the foals grow and develop. Our focus has been to show and raise modern quality Belgian halter horses. 

We take a show string of 5-6 head on the road each year. Promoting and showing the Belgian horse at various state fairs and draft horse shows though out the mid-west. This is our hobby and so-called summer fall vacation that we do as a family. Laura and I enjoy watching our two sons grow and become part of our show help and they are now competing in the youth merit program as well.  Our show season usually starts sometime in early summer and ends in November we normally attend 6-8 shows each season and travel roughly 4,000 miles in a season.

We would like to Thank the people that lend us a hand when needed at shows when we need help.

Also, a special Thanks to our Farrier Andrew Beachy we feel fortunate to have Andy as our Farrier!

Along with the competition we enjoy the draft horse family and friends we have made along the way.

We are honored to receive this award in 2022!

Duane Miller

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