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Lighthouse Acres has been awarded the Belgian Merit Program Premier Exhibitor for 2021. Lighthouse Acres was established in 2006 and is family-owned and operated by Adam and Amy Steinbrick. In the Spring of 2021, they partnered with AgRestore Belgians. They strive to show and raise top-quality Belgians each year.

The Premier Exhibitor Award is given to the owner whose horses have earned the most merit points at the end of the show season. The graph below breaks down the number of shows, miles, and time it took Lighthouse Acres to earn this award for 2021:

7 merit Shows, 6 Horses Shown, a total of 992 Merit points, 5 Gold Merit winners, and 1 Silver Merit Winner.  All 6 horses shown received merit points at every show attended!

 MilesTravel TimeDays at Show
Davenport886 miles13 hrs 12 min3 days
Wisconsin State Fair756 miles11 hrs 54 mins2 days
Indiana State Fair520 miles8 hrs 30 mins5 days
LaPorte450 miles7 hrs 12 mins2 days
Breeders Challenge Classic115 Miles2 hrs 20 mins3 days
MGLI352 miles5 hrs 52 mins5 days
NAILE664 miles10 hrs 36 mins3 days
Total3,74359 hrs 36 mins23 days

When asked about his showing career and the start of Lighthouse Acres, Adam stated:

“I have been around Belgian draft horses my whole life. In early childhood, I traveled with my parents and family for several years to numerous county fairs in Ohio and Michigan. In 2006, my wife, Amy, and I established Lighthouse Acres. We are a small breeding program with an emphasis on quality and a motto of “Striving for Excellence”. We raise 4-6 foals each year. Our major focus has been exhibiting quality halter horses over the last decade. We attend 5-7 major shows throughout the Midwest each year. My family and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this wonderful Belgian Draft Horse family!!!

A SPECIAL THANKS goes to Jesse, Jonathon and Jeremy Wittmer for fitting our horses to perfection this year! We would also like to thank all of our friends and family that helped make the 2021 show season such a year to remember! None of our accomplishments could have happened without you!”

LY's Lilly- Best of Breed at Indiana State Fair

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