Millerview Belgians

Millerview Belgians has been awarded the Belgian Merit Program Premier Exhibitor for 2019. Millerview Belgians is family owned and operated. They strive to show and raise top quality Belgians each year.

The Premier Exhibitor Award is given to the owner whose horses have earned the most merit points at the end of the show season. Millerview attended 5 shows in 2019 accumulating 773 points throughout the year. Their show season started with the Ohio State fair then on to Indiana to the National Belgian show, then to New York state fair, to Laporte Indiana, and finished up the year at Michigan Great Lakes International . They generally campaign 5-6 Belgians each year.

When asked about his career showing and the award the Duane said:
“Myself and my wife were raised around draft horses, at a young age I attended several county fairs with a local horseman Morris Wenger (Woodland Acres Belgians). This is where I got my interest in showing Belgians, so with the love I had for the Belgian horse and the new experience of the show ring I set out to fulfill my dreams.

In 2002 I met my wife Laura and together we had a vision of showing Belgians, together we set out to fulfill our goals.  Along the way we have met many good friends, mentors and have fulfilled dreams we are truly blessed with including the 2016 NABC world champion and many others.

Along with our two sons Austin and Adam we raise and show Belgians because we enjoy the Belgian horse, and the friends we meet along the way.  A big thank you to our show crew and we look forward to the 2020 show season.”

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