annual meeting of the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation members

When: Friday, December 2, 2022

Where: Holmes County, OH

Members are invited to a banquet that will be held prior to the annual meeting. Members will receive an invitation in the mail enclosed with a banquet reservation form. Please continue to visit the website for more information.

Hotel Information

2021 Election Results

Congratulations to Corbly Orndorff, Dean Woodbury, and DeWayne Beechy on being elected for a three-year term!

Corbly Orndorff 433; Dean Woodbury 424; DeWayne Beechy 298 Teresa Zube 277; Steve McQueen 192; Todd Johnson 85; Kevin Drew 1; Gary Hale 1; Christina Lemley 2; Bob Lowden 1; Faron Miller 1; Christina Orndorff 1; Adam Steinbrick 1; Troy Wetterau 1; Jim Whisman 1; Martin Lee Yoder 1. 


Bus Tour Reservations

Please continue to check this page for further updates regarding the bus tour.

Pictures from the 2021 Annual Meeting