The early importations of Belgians included bays, browns, red and blue roans, grey and even blacks. Most had black points and dark manes and tails, rather than white. By the 1930s. America’s preference for sorrels and roans had become evident. Today, most Belgians found in the U.S. have light blonde manes and tails with chestnut, sorrel, or blonde coats. All of these coat colors are red-brown. Chestnut is the darkest. Blonde is the lightest. Some Belgians are roan. These horses have a mixture of white hairs in their coats.

Belgians often have white markings on their faces and legs. Some Belgians have a large white stripe on their face called a blaze. White markings on the lower legs include socks and stockings.


Red Sorrel


Face Marking- White Stripe
White on Legs
White on Legs
Face Marking- Star