The Belgian Draft Horse Alliance Inc.

The Mission of the Belgian Draft Horse Alliance is to conduct continuous growth of the Belgian Draft Horse by providing: cultural, historical and education insight; supporting breeders, horse owners and events; supporting youth by developing promotional programs, granting gifts, and scholarships.


Belgian Draft Horse Alliance programs are funded by our generous donors. Programs are subject to change. To donate to a program please contact the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation office.


The Belgian Draft Horse Alliance, Inc. has created a program to encourage the involvement of youth between the ages of 13-18. Participants spend 2 days developing leadership skills, learning about the corporation, participating at the Belgian Draft Horse Expo and touring local member’s farms. Participants are then given the opportunity to help promote the Belgian horse through activities like horse shows, sales and through the Belgian Review.

Awards & Trophies

This program is to acknowledge winners at various merit level shows including the National Belgian Show. Youth awards are also given to the top exhibitors at recognized shows through this program.

The Belgian Draft Horse Expo has something for everyone. It is an opportunity for the general public to learn about the Belgian Horse. There are seminars and classes for those getting into the industry and also for our more advanced members.

This publication is designed to be the annual historical publication of the great Belgian horse. The Belgian Review includes annual reports of the corporation, minutes, show results, sale results and historical articles. Many farms advertise their horses and accomplishments for the public to see. This publication has been made available since the early 1920’s and continues to be sought after by Belgian enthusiast.

The Breeders Challenge gives breeders and exhibitors an opportunity to participate in an exclusive class at the NABC and helps generate funds for future NABC shows and the Belgian Alliance. It creates a great deal of excitement and anticipation to try and match your mare with the stallion of your choice to produce a foal that will be eligible for The Breeders Challenge. Service fees are auctioned off at the Mid America Draft Horse sale. The program is run by an external committee.

Breeder's Showcase

This program recognizes the breeder of the champion Belgian mare, stallion and registered gelding from the show with the highest amount of halter horses. A one of a kind painting of the winning horses and a write up of the horses’ breeder is included in the Belgian Review. The painting is auctioned off annually with the proceeds returned to the program for future years awards.

Coloring Contest

Each year the Belgian Draft Horse Alliance has a coloring contest. The contest is divided into 3 age groups; 4-6 year old, 7-9 year old and 10-14 year old. Winners are selected at our December meeting by a group of Alliance board members. Winners are featured in our upcoming Belgian Review.

Events & Marketing

This program includes the website, social media, and the corporation promotional booth. This is our most direct contact with the general membership and Belgian enthusiast.

The Hall of Fame was established to recognize outstanding horses and individuals that contributed to the Belgian draft horse.

Hitch Program

The Belgian Alliance’s Hitch Program is open to all members of the Belgian Corporation of America. The mission of this program is to continue to promote the Belgian horse in other disciplines and be able to recognize the top three in each category each year.  This program supports the mission of the Belgian Alliance by promoting the horse owners and the events that recognize the Belgian Horse. The Hitch program is based on an accumulation of points earned by exhibitors at various shows throughout the year. Awards are presented to the top three point earners throughout the year in an array of hitch classes. Points for each show are weighted based on the number of exhibitors.

The Merit Award program is based on an accumulation of points earned by registered horses at various shows throughout the year. Awards are presented to the top three point earners throughout the year in halter classes, mare cart and the registered gelding cart. Points for each show are weighted based on the number of horses exhibited. The Sire, Dam and exhibitor with the most points are also recognized each year.

The basis for the program is to create and maintain a nationally recognized and revered venue to showcase both the breeding programs of its membership and the Belgian Horse. Futurity winners are featured in multiple publications. The program is run by an external committee.

This is an annual event currently held in conjunction with the Indiana State Fair. The Belgian National Show is a high energy show with halter, riding, hitch and youth classes. 

This is a premiere championship show in North America and showcases the best of the best. The NABC is held every 4 years for the past 28 years alternating venues between the United States and Canada. This spectacular event will host halter, riding, hitch, youth classes farm classes and horse pulls to show off the great diversity of the Belgian horse.

The Youth Ambassadors are selected by an application process. The selected youth spend time learning about the Corporation and Alliance Programs. They also receive training in social media conduct and how to manage the Belgian Corp Booth at sales and shows.  The ambassadors attend a yearly training, help manage the booth, assisted at various events and write articles for the Belgian Review.

This program was designed to promote youth participation at draft horse shows. Youth earn points for showmanship, decorating, cart, team, and judging. Youth are recognized in age categories 10-14 and 15-18. There is also an award given to the youth with the most points overall.

On an annual basis monies are awarded to deserving collegiate students who are pursuing a degree at an accredited university and have been involve with the Belgian horse in some manner.